Grower Stories

Aaron Wills, Organic Blueberry Grower, Minnesota

“using AEA product has helped us increase yield, I mean, just from the bottom line perspective, and so it’s definitely made us more profitable because we’re not having to grow more acres of berries to get more berries.”

Gurprit Brar, Organic Blueberry Grower, British Columbia, Canada

“Most blueberry growers are on a spray schedule for pest and disease issues, but we aren’t because we don’t need it.”

Steve Cardoza, Organic Raisin Grape Grower, Cardoza and Cardoza Farming Company

“I’m seeing plant responses like the canopy staying greener and maintaining that pest resistance even throughout the times we’re limiting the irrigation cycles. There’s been a big shift in the overall health of the plant since we’ve done soil health practices in conjunction with AEA.”

Kyle Rasch, Apple Grower Tom Rasch & Son Orchards

“We’re putting our best effort into creating the healthiest fruit for people and AEA is a big part of that.”

James Johnson, Vice President, Carzalia Valley Produce

“Our total input of fertility was about 20 percent less than it has been in the past, we applied no insecticides and no growth regulators.”

Dan McClure, Organic Mixed Vegetable Grower

“Our spinach has been growing really well, and our tonnage is way up from years past.”

I haven’t sprayed anything with the word ‘cide’ in it since 2018.
 Steve Cardoza

Steve Cardoza

Organic Raisin Grape Grower,
Cardoza and Cardoza Farming Company

Boosting Yields, Profitability, and Sustainability Across Crop Diversity

Farmers who work with AEA are located across the globe and represent a wide range of crops, from apples and cherries to corn and wheat. They represent diverse backgrounds and experiences: some running conventional operations, hoping to use fewer inputs, and others operating certified regenerative and organic farms.

In working with AEA, these farmers often experience an increase in crop yield and quality, increased profitability, and a reduction or total elimination of the need for pesticides and fertilizers. They are seeking a hopeful future in farming and believe in the company’s vision of making farming more profitable and soils more vital for the future.

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