AEA’s Regional Teams Elevate Regenerative Practices for Growers

Our regional teams – with the most knowledgeable, informed and experienced agronomists in regenerative agriculture – offer on-farm and remote coaching throughout the first season and subsequent seasons to make actionable regenerative practices more efficient and effective. Our teams look beyond symptoms, diagnosing root causes and offering solutions to tough agricultural problems before and as they arise.

By working directly with one of these teams, growers have access to a wealth of deep agronomic expertise across crop types, more than a decade of data, and real world experience in regenerative agriculture. These close partnerships allow for timely recommendations based on observations, sap analysis, and coaching through each growing season.

Regenerative Agronomy Consulting

AEA strives to have the most scientifically knowledgeable, best trained and most informed agronomy team in the world. Our regional teams are diverse, impassioned, knowledgeable individuals with demonstrable experience in many crop types and regions. Our 24-month internal training process prepares each AEA agronomist for the task of working directly with growers to identify limiting factors and create unique crop protocols that are customized for their land and operations.

Empowering Growers Globally: AEA Agronomists Lead the Way in Profitable and Regenerative Agriculture

Our AEA agronomists provide the leadership, guidance, planning and coaching essential for both growers who are looking for increased profitability and those transitioning to regenerative agriculture systems. They provide growers with a complete toolkit of resources so they can become more profitable, reducing inputs and focusing on rebuilding life in the soil for healthier, more resilient crops.

AEA regional teams are located across the United States, with a strong presence in key agricultural areas, including the Northeast, Midwest, the South and Southwest, California and the Pacific Northwest. We have a growing international focus with partnerships in South America and Western and Eastern Europe.

Regenerative Plant Nutrition Products

Extensive plant analysis data shows that crops experience significant nutritional imbalances, limiting their capacity for photosynthesis. Once these nutritional imbalances are corrected, yields and pest resistance immediately increase along with the efficiency of photosynthetic activity, drastically reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides.

To address these plant imbalances, AEA manufactures and sells regenerative plant nutrition products, many of which are also compliant with organically certified farming. These tools – derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, plant extracts, rock powders and humic substances – include biological and nutritional products, microbial fungal inoculants, and liquid micronutrients and macronutrients. All AEA product ingredients are sourced from North America and manufactured in the United States.

AEA’s regenerative plant nutrition products consistently improve crop quality, disease and insect resistance, and soil health. The results positively influence farm profitability by reducing inputs while increasing fruit size, quality and overall yield.

Comprehensive Data Collection

AEA utilizes a mix of leading-edge technology, in-field testing and analytics to help farmers succeed financially and according to other measures of success that result from thriving regenerative agricultural practices. We are continually looking for new ways to apply the best technologies available to our regenerative system toolkit.

Increasing crop profitability begins with analysis of plants and soil. Monitoring nutrients through testing such as plant sap analysis provides in-depth, practical insights into the factors that influence nutrient mobility at different stages of growth. Mineral imbalances can be detected at a cellular level allowing for the precise amount of a needed nutrient to then be applied before a deficiency creates disease or vulnerability.

This in-depth analysis enables growers to make data-driven decisions to proactively solve problems and achieve higher levels of crop quality and yields. At AEA, we don’t guess; we test, analyze and provide recommendations based on scientific data, knowledge and experience. Thoroughly testing the soil and plants’ nutritional and microbiome integrity allows for determining and then applying the precise amount of needed nutrients before a deficiency becomes a disease or weakness.

Getting Started

Each interested grower is assigned a crop or regionally specific team. After initial conversations to discuss goals, issues and potential limiting factors, an AEA Agronomist builds a unique crop protocol that utilizes regenerative practices and AEA products.

Ongoing support and coaching are offered through on-site visits and remote consultation that works to address issues as they arise. This close partnership makes timely recommendations based on observations, soil and plant analysis, and data made available throughout the growing season.

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