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How We Work

Regenerative agriculture is a whole-systems approach to farming that focuses on soil management and plant nutrition. This way of growing allows nature’s processes to work cooperatively and harmoniously, creating nutrient-rich, productive soils that result in disease- and insect-resistant plants. 

AEA empowers farmers to produce higher quality, healthier plants with inherent resistance to disease and insects. We do this by providing farmers with the knowledge and understanding of the natural soil-plant system and providing the tools to build and monitor the system’s performance. These agriculture systems often require fewer inputs, increasing yields and boosting profits.

Through our regional Farm Services teams, we have the expertise, products, and resources growers need to implement regenerative systems more quickly and successfully. This includes:

  • Regenerative Agronomic Consulting
  • Regenerative Plant Nutritions Products
  • Cutting edge Agriculture Technology

Our close partnerships with growers and these regenerative tools make timely recommendations based on observations, soil and plant analysis, and data available throughout the growing season.

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