Our Partners

At AEA, we believe regenerative agriculture is fundamentally about regenerating relationships on all levels – from microbes and plants to people and organizations. The company looks for opportunities to weave regeneration into its fabric through collaboration with like-minded, solution-oriented partners who are looking to propel the industry forward through technological innovation, support for growers, and education for our communities.


AEA is a leading strategic investor in Croptix, a precision ag tech platform for in-field early detection of crop health. Croptix allows for faster and simpler assessment of crop health compared to other technologies, resulting in improved crop quality and yield providing better financial returns for farmers.

Citizens of Humanity

AEA has a groundbreaking partnership with Citizens of Humanity. This joint initiative is a fresh approach to promoting regenerative cotton. A special trademark will inform consumers that the products they purchase are made with cotton grown on farms using regenerative agriculture practices.

Steward Capital

Access to funds and financial management can be the lynchpin for conventional and regenerative farmers alike. With a shared passion for regenerating the agricultural landscape, Steward Regenerative Capital provides short-term bridge loans, giving regenerative farms and food producers swift access to the funds they need to keep growing.

Mad Capital

Frustrated with the industrial and extractive financial and agricultural systems, Mad Capital thrives on creating opportunities for farmers committed to the health of their soil and their local communities by offering financing built exclusively for organic, regenerative and transitioning farms.

Supply Change

With a mission to re-regionalize food systems, AEA is proud to partner with Supply Change who work tirelessly to serve as a bridge between producers, distributors, processors, workers and communities.


In collaboration with Greg Pennyroyal, Professor of Viticulture at Mt. San Jacinto College, AEA is thrilled to be partnering with the MSJC to offer groundbreaking Regenerative Viticulture training and education to the next generation.

World Tree

Deforestation and carbon emissions are known issues across the globe.. AEA is proud to partner with World Tree, whose mission is to create scalable solutions to these issues by utilizing the amazing Empress Tree as both a high-quality renewable timber source but also a land-regenerating, carbon cycling heavyweight champion.


By utilizing cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology, Biomemakers are blazing the trail in helping growers better understand and identify the role of biology in their soil profile and the impact it has on both the health of their soils and the health of their crops.

Crop Health Labs

An industry leader in providing U.S. growers with access to Plant Sap Analysis, Crop Health Labs has been a key partner alongside AEA in helping growers access this critical tool to create on-farm, in-season success.

Our Initiatives

At AEA, we know the importance of healthy communities. Our goal to support growers and help them thrive has a ripple effect throughout the rural communities of which they are a part. The revitalization of whole communities is central to AEA’s mission and the success of future farmer endeavors. To further support these communities and in alignment with company values, AEA supports community organizations, is a member of 1% for the planet, as well as a business member of Regenerate America.

Regenerate America