Mollie is a chef, restaurateur, and farmer with a strong commitment to regenerative agriculture and sustainable food practices. She operates Sage Regenerative Kitchen and Brewery in the Los Angeles area and runs Sovereignty Ranch in Texas. She actively promotes the restaurant industry to switch to using ingredients from regenerative farms. Mollie believes in supporting local farmers and making conscious choices about food consumption, including responsibly sourced meat products.

Mollie’s previous menu options were all plant-based and the inclusion of meat options drew harsh criticism. Despite some initial resistance from customers, she emphasized the positive impact she hopes to have on both consumers and the farming industry through her commitment to sustainable practices.

In this episode, Mollie and John discuss:

  • Experiences that highlighted the necessity of integrating animals into farming practices
  • Difficulty in finding large-scale regenerative food service products
  • Advocates for smaller, decentralized systems for truly regenerative dairy practices
  • Other chefs adopting regenerative ingredients
  • The hidden human and environmental costs of cheap food
  • Advocating for regional food systems to reduce costs

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Through intense study and the knowledge gleaned from many industry leaders, John is building a comprehensive systems-based approach to plant nutrition – a system solidly based on the sciences of plant physiology, mineral nutrition, and soil microbiology.

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