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Forage Foliar Blend™


Product Description

Forage Foliar™ is a blend of HoloPhos™, SeaStim™, PhotoMag™, and MicroPak™. Essentially, it is identical to Planter Solution™, without the Rejuvenate™.  Forage Foliar™ puts many of the most effective products used by forage producers into one single package and makes it easier for growers to apply critical nutrition to their crops.

  • Application Rates

    Soil Applications – Up to 3 gallons per acre

    Foliar Applications – Up to 1 gallon per acre

  • Application Instructions

    Forage Foliar™ is best applied as a foliar. It can also be applied via fertigation and as a soil application.

  • Ingredients

    Forage Foliar Blend™ is a combination of HoloPhos™, SeaStim™, PhotoMag™, and MicroPak™.

  • Organic Usage

    Forage Foliar™ can be approved for use on organic operations, but each certifier must review it individually.