Product Description

HoloCal™ is a non-synthetic blend of a uniquely processed, natural source of calcium valuable to many crops for improving plant vigor, fruit quality and storability.

  • Features and Benefits

    Many plant disorders can look like bacterial or fungal infection, but in reality are caused by a lack of calcium. In addition, calcium deficiency adversely affects fruit set and fruit formation.

    Deficiency symptoms include yellow leaf margins on most crops; blossom end rot in tomatoes; bitter pit in apples and many other fruit quality challenges.

    Using HoloCalTM can prevent many common fruit quality problems by building strong cell walls and enabling complementary nutrient flow to increase plant resistance to abiotic stresses.

  • Application Rates

    Fruits and Vegetables: As a foliar and/or in fertigation, apply up to 1 gallon per acre at appropriate plant growth stages.

    Broad Acre Crops: As a foliar, apply up to 1 gallon per acre at appropriate plant growth stages.

    Soil Drench or Row Starter: Apply up to 2 gallons per acre on all crop types at appropriate plant growth stages.

    Check the label on the product or consult your local AEA representative.

    While this product can be used individually, it has been designed to be used along with other complementary products as part of an overall fertility program that will produce the highest quality results.

  • Application Instructions

    HoloCal™ liquid concentrate can be used in transplant solution, irrigation systems, or as a foliar spray to correct calcium deficiencies that can lead to fruit disorders.

  • Ingredients

    HoloCal™ is derived from multiple sources of high quality, mined calcium and is formulated into a highly available solution that includes micronutrients which enhance performance.

    HoloCal™ contains a complex blend of calcium sources, chelated with stable humic substances to enhance availability to the plant and reduce soil “tie-up”. The added boron improves calcium uptake and mobility through the plant.

    Our process used to make HoloCal™ is unique in that it creates a suspension that delivers an immediate, strong supplemental calcium source whether applied to the soil or as a foliar.

  • National Organic Program Information

    This product is suitable for use under NOP. Please check with your certifier before using.