Product Description

HoloMac™ is a comprehensive blend of macronutrients and humic substances that form the foundation of a sound nutrition program for many crops.

  • Features and Benefits

    Provides P2O5 , K2O, Ca and most necessary micronutrients.

    Increases photosynthetic efficiency.

    Supports microbial populations.

    Promotes mineral release from soil reserves.

    Improves plant nutrient uptake.

    Supports the production of plant secondary metabolites.

    Provides enzyme cofactors to enable plants to build complex proteins.

    Encourages larger, stronger roots and better plant resistance to environmental stresses.

  • Application Rates

    Fruits and Vegetables: Use as a foliar on fruit and vegetable crops at a rate of up to 2 quarts each per week.

    Irrigation:  Apply 1-2 quarts each per acre every 10-14 days.

    Broad Acre Crops: Use in the row, added to a row starter, at a rate of up to 6 quarts of HoloMac and up to 8 quarts of HoloMic per acre. Use as a foliar at a rate of up to 6 quarts HoloMac and up to 4 quarts HoloMic per acre, every 3-4 weeks.

    Always check the label on the product or consult your local AEA representative for more details.

  • Application Instructions

    HoloMac and HoloMic can be used as a row starter, transplant solution, in irrigation systems or as a foliar program.

    Used together, HoloMac and HoloMic form a strong nutrient foundation for creating truly vibrant and resilient plants.

    Reduce the amount of HoloMac in relation to HoloMic if plant growth is strong, but flowering is weak. Increase HoloMac after flowering to provide nutritional support for fruit set and fruit fill growth stages.

    HoloMic contains boron. Some crops may be injured by excessive application of boron.

    May be tank mixed with many other fertilizers. A jar test should be conducted when mixing HoloMac or HoloMic with any other product.

  • Ingredients

    HoloMac provides the major constituents of plant growth, focusing on photosynthesis, fruit fill and sugar transport.

    HoloMac is a combination of fish hydrolysate, calcium, available phosphate and soluble potash.

  • National Organic Program Information

    This product is suitable for use under NOP. Please check with your certifier before using.