Product Description

HumaCarb™ is a natural concentrate of humic substances derived from Humalite deposits, designed to enhance nutrient absorption and reduce the need for fertilizer applications.

  • Features and Benefits

    Holds nitrogen and phosphorus in the root zone.

    Aids in the uptake of micronutrients.

    Chelates plant nutrients.

    Optimizes soil conditions for better overall plant mass.

  • Application Rates

    Usual application rates are 2-3 quarts per acre. HumaCarb™ should be tank mixed with liquid fertilizers at 3% of the solution.

    Check the label on the product or consult your local AEA representative. While this product can be used individually, it is intended to be used along with other complementary products as part of an overall fertility program designed to produce the highest quality results.

  • Application Instructions

    Liquid concentrate should be tank mixed with liquid fertilizers as 3% of the total solution.

    Non-synthetic humic substances have a low pH (4 – 4.5) and can be tank mixed with most fertilizers.* Works especially well on lighter, sandier soils or in areas of greater than average rain fall.

    HumaCarb™ performs well on a variety of crops, especially on forages and soybeans, as well as fruits and vegetables.

    May be mixed with liquid manure to stabilize nitrogen and reduce odor while manure. A jar test should be conducted when mixing HumaCarb™ with any other product.

  • Ingredients

    HumaCarb™ is derived from a Humalite ore deposit which contains the humic acid, fulvic acid, and humin compounds that provide the benefits to soil and plants.

    Humic acids are usually extracted from leonardite ore in a strong alkali solution generally using sodium or potassium hydroxides. Compared to leonardite, Humalite contains more humic and fulvic acids, meaning less ash and heavy metals applied to your fields.

    Unlike other humic acids available on the market, HumaCarbTM is produced using a process that preserves all the natural properties of the humic substances so you get 100% benefit from the 100% allnatural, mined Humalite.

  • National Organic Program Information

    This product is suitable for use under NOP. Please check with your certifier before using.