Product Description

MacroPak is intended to provide a foundation of macronutrients that drive the vegetative growth needed to build a strong plant frame that can support large yields while supporting strong photosynthesis and immune system development.

  • Features and Benefits

    Provides macronutrients needed for nutritional integrity.

    Increases production of plant secondary metabolites.

    Increases a plant’s capacity for optimal fruit and seed set.

    Supports nutritional integrity during periods of peak plant demand and improves resistance to abiotic stressors.

    Improves plant nutrient mobility and uptake.

    Encourages larger, stronger roots and betters the plant immune response.

  • Application Rates

    Fruits and Vegetables: Use as a foliar on fruit and vegetable crops at a rate of up to 1-8 quarts per week.

    Irrigation: Apply 1-8 quarts each per acre every 5-14 days, or as needed.

    Broad Acre Crops: Use in the row at a rate of up to 2-12 quarts per acre. Use as a foliar at a rate of up to 1-6 quarts per acre every 3-4 weeks, or as needed.

    Always check the label on the product or consult your local AEA representative for more details.

  • Application Instructions

    While MacroPak can be used as a standalone application, it has been designed to pair with MicroPak and other complementary products as part of an overall fertility program to produce the highest quality results.

  • Ingredients

    Corn steep powder

    Calcium silicate

    Magnesium sulfate

    Kelp extract (potassium hydroxide)

  • National Organic Program Information

    This product is suitable for use under NOP. Please check with your certifier before using.