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NutraLive™ Package


Product Description

NutraLive™ Package contains one gallon each of NutraLive Growth™ and NutraLive Vitality™. 

  • Features and Benefits

    NutraLive Growth and Vitality are specifically blended and formulated for gardeners.

    The macro-nutrients in Growth are all major building blocks in your plants. A deficiency in calcium leads to blossom end rot; early blight can indicate low potassium; when phosphorus and magnesium drop below adequate levels, photosynthetic efficiency declines and the plant’s immunity drops.

    NutraLive Vitality™ is what your plants need for strong germination, robust root systems, and a strong natural immune system. Micro-nutrients are critical for pollination and fruit quality.

  • Application Rates

    Please see NutraLive™ Package Instructions for complete rate information.

  • Application Instructions

    Use the lists and charts in the NutraLive Package Instructions for complete rate information.

    Feed every 7 to 10 days.

    Always shake products thoroughly before use.

    General: Soil Boost and Prep: Use the medium or heavy rate.

    Planting / Transplanting: Use the light rate.

    Watering Can or Drip Irrigation: Use the medium or heavy rate.

    Foliar: Use the rate recommended below based on your crop and stage of growth. If a mixed planting, use the lower rate.

    Crop Specific:

    Greens/Herbs: Use the light rate for greens like lettuce, spinach, mustard, kale, basil, cilantro, etc.

    Annual Vegetative Crops: Use the medium or heavy rate for root crops & nonflowering vegetables like beets, carrots, potatoes, turnips, cabbage, broccoli,
    fennel and celery.

    Annual Fruiting Crops: Use the medium or heavy rate for crops like tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, squash, melons, corn, beans, okra and strawberry.

    Trees & Berries: Use the light rate on buds and flowers before leaf-out. Use the heavy rate during fruit fill. Use the medium rate after harvest and before leaf drop.

    Flowers/Landscaping: Use the light rate on small plants. Use the medium rate on large and abundantly flowering plants.

  • Ingredients

    Guaranteed analysis:

    NutraLive Growth™:

    Available Phosphate (P2O5) … 2%

    Soluble Potash (K2O) … 2%

    Calcium (Ca) … 2.5%

    Derived from: Seafood protein hydrolysate, Rock phosphate, Potassium sulfate, Calcium carbonate

    NutraLive Vitality™:

    Soluble Potash (K2O) … 1.5%

    Boron (B) … 0.04%

    Cobalt (Co) … 0.003%

    Manganese (Mn) … 0.08%

    – 0.08% Water Soluble Manganese (Mn)

    Zinc (Zn) … 0.08%

    – 0.08% Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)

    Derived from: kelp, disodium octaborate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, cobalt sulfate

  • National Organic Program Information

    This product is suitable for use under NOP. Please check with your certifier before using.