Pepzyme Clear™


Product Description

Pepzyme Clear™ is a high-quality, stable liquid enzyme enhancer. This product is not available in California.
1 acre = 12.5 ounces

  • Application Rates

    Apply Pepzyme Clear at the rate of 12.5 ounces per acre or 1 gallon per 10 acres. Dilute with sufficient water to get uniform coverage of the soil.

  • Application Instructions

    Apply just before, during, or immediately after planting for maximum benefits. Apply on crop residues after harvest to promote decomposition and soil improvement.

    Pepzyme Clear is designed for use on soils and canopied crops such as turf. It may be applied
    to the soil by aerial spraying, ground sprayer, shanked in with fertilizer liquids, through seed drill starter-fertilizer application, through sprinkler systems or by
    furrow or flood irrigation.

    Pepzyme Clear can be applied with most liquid fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. Always test first for compatibility. Consult a sales representative for more information.

  • Ingredients

    Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients:

    – 10% Concentrated liquid extract of non-living soil bacteria, yeast & fungi cultures

    – 90% Distilled Water

  • National Organic Program Information

    This product is suitable for use under NOP. Please check with your certifier before using.