Planter Solution™


Product Description

Planter Solution™ is a blend containing HoloPhos™, PhotoMag™, Rejuvenate™, MicroPak™, and SeaStim™.

  • Application Rates

    At Planting: Up to 2 gallons per acre.

    Foliar Applications: Up to 6 quarts per acre.

  • Application Instructions

    Best applied at planting or as a foliar after emergence or establishment.

    Can also be used in a soil application if an application at planting cannot be made.

  • Ingredients

    Contains: HoloPhos™, SeaStim™, Rejuvenate™, PhotoMag™, and MicroPak™.

  • Organic Usage

    Planter Solution™ can be approved for use on organic operations, but each certifier must review it individually.