Nitrogen Efficiency Product Lineup

No matter where you are on that journey, AEA’s Nitrogen Efficiency Program is geared toward economically maximizing your budget without sabotaging plant and soil health.

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    More Nitrogen Efficiency Resources

    David Miller, Director of Education at Advancing Eco Agriculture, dives into concepts related to efficient use of nitrogen and how these practices can lead to a reduction in inputs, increase the biological health of your soil, and protect your bottom line. David explains how the nitrogen cycle works in nature and discusses the practical steps you can take towards profitable nitrogen management.

    AEA founder John Kempf discusses a novel approach to nutrition management that has helped farmers improve crop health and profits while increasing resilience to weather stress. Listen to learn how plants absorb and utilize different forms of nitrogen, how some forms of nitrogen increase a plant’s water requirements, how to greatly increase nitrogen use efficiency, and reduce application rates.

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